Magento 1 Vs. Magento 2: Top 5 Differences


When we search the market there are various e-commerce solutions available. Magento is the open source e-commerce content management system that is best for the shopping cart software. It is the best e-commerce software that meets the goals of the business worldwide. To all e-commerce clients, the Magento developers recommend this for their success and popularity. Why this is recommended here are some of the following reasons. Multi-store and multi-site functionality, guest check out options, search engine friendliness, built-in SEO tools, a huge collection of extensions and reorder facility are some of the reasons why e-commerce clients are picking Magento.

magento1 vs magento2

Image Courtesy: Appinop Technologies

But if we go for the different Magento versions then there are Magento 1 and Magento 2.

Here are some of the differences between both of them.

  • Architectural Differences- Magento 2 supports the latest PHP version. Magento 1lackswith the store performances and this is significantly improved in the Magento 2. The PHP version in Magento 2 makes it security improvements that affect the store’s speed. It also has the good browser caching for the static content.
  • Extension– Magento 1 was having the conflicting extensions that are when two or more extensions try to rewrite the same functionality, and this problem was resolved in another one that is Magento 2. Magento 2 plugin allowed code to overlap core code rather than overwriting. By the Magento 2, the installing and the updating becomes easier and cheaper.
  • SEO And Security– In the catalog pages that improve search results in SERPs there are rich snippets. (SHA-256) strengthened hashing algorithms for passwords and this has made the password stronger to the dictionary type of attacks.
  • Dashboard– For finding the information easily and to navigate all parts of the admin panel and Magento 2 manages the stores more efficiently and this happens because of admin panel available in the Magento 2. Lifetime sales, last orders, average orders, top search terms, revenue tax, check best sellers and customers, shipping and quantity are all that is needed in the shopping software and Magento 2 has a comprehensive dashboard that allows all these. This helps to monitor the current state of your business with the full security.
  • Performances and Speed– When we compare the speed and performance of the Magento 1 and Magento 2 then Magento 2 offers the faster page load speed than Magento 1. The community as well as enterprise edition these are offered by full-page caching Magento.



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