How to Use Peer To Peer Payment Apps Safely?

There are situations where you need to split the entire bill into multiple portions. Facing such a situation ends with the use of peer to peer payment apps that give you the option to split any sort of online bill between the payees.

But as it is an online medium of payment, people consider being a bit suspicious as, whether the peer to peer payment apps is secure and reliable to use or not?

For you here we have brought some essential tips that you can use to ensure safe and secure payment through P2P apps.

Verify Every Transaction: Most of you actually doesn’t know the right way fo using the P2P payment applications. In these apps, the payment is kept in the app wallet until you sent them directly to your bank account. Even after you shoot the payment back to your bank, you should verify whether the payment has been made successfully or not. The payment if doesn’t get transferred, it should be attended immediately.

Always Update your Apps: The biggest mistake that most of the people do is avoiding the regular updates that are available for their Smartphone. The apps are given an update to omit the security bugs and many other performance fixes. So, to keep your P2P application up to date, it’s important to update the app whenever any new update is made available by the developer. You can easily check the Play Store to check the available update and upgrade your application.

Avoid Scam Transactions: Sending/Receiving money from an unknown guy demand high security and attentiveness during the transaction. When you receive any payment, you should not send the goods until your entire money is transferred to your bank account. Also, ahead of a peer-to-peer payment transaction, you should read the terms and conditions of the sender. You should proceed with the payment only when you are assured of its authenticity.

Always Opt for Additional Security in P2P Payment Apps: When you are using the peer to peer payment apps, it’s important to select additional security to keep each and every transaction secure. There is the option to enable additional security in every P2P payment app which you should use to add an extra security layer to your payment app. This will keep each and every transaction secure form scammers/hackers.

Stop Social Media Interference: There are many peer to peer payment applications which use social media as the brand promotion strategy. Under this branding strategy, they shoot the post from your end about every transaction you make from that app. It’s good to restrict the permissions to such applications and stop the interference of social media in using such payment apps.

Venmo is one of the renowned peer to peer payment applications which is used by more of the people over the globe. But if you are using any other application, you should get maximum knowledge about the application before installing it in your smartphone and start using it.

What more do you think should be considered for secure P2P payment apps.


Challenges During iOS App Development That Most of You Face

Challenges for iOS development

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Developing an iOS application getting a tedious task as the technology is upgrading and the current technologies are getting outdated. There are numerous challenges that every iOS app developer face during the app development phase. So, what are those challenges? Let’s talk more…

Apple Products Compatibility: Another challenge that iOS developers face during the app development is to develop an application that can work on every possible Apple devices. Past a year, there was only Apple iPad, Macbook, iPhone. But today, we even have the Apple watch that makes it even trickier for the app developers to develop the app compatible for all Apple products.

Performance & Memory Management: As the limited storage in Apple products is always a big hurdle for the developers, they need to develop an application that doesn’t require much space and work as much as required by the customers. So, it becomes another big challenge to develop a low size iOS app that doesn’t require more space in your phone but delivers maximum services/options to the user.

Enrolment in the Apple App Store: Most of you have now observed that the restrictions on Apple App store are very strict as compared to the Google Play store. So, it becomes a big challenge for the developers to create an iOS application that can easily be listed in the Apple App store. It’s important to get clearance from the Apple App store team and pass the strict guidelines to boost its visibility in the app store.

Managing Screen Space: We all know that in comparison to Android Smartphone, iPhone or other Apple products have more pixel ratio. So, it’s more than a challenge to develop an application that best suits on that screen. In terms of Android devices, you can easily create a big screen setup, but in the case of iOS, you have to make it small, so that everything seems well managed and spacious on your screen.

Handling Sandboxed Environment: Some apps generally ask for the data from outside the app i.e. sandboxed environment. So, it becomes a hurdle for the app developer to manage the application and call the required repositories from the sandboxed environment without breaching the Apple app store guidelines.

So, these are some of the big challenges that iOS App developers generally face during the app development process. What more issues do you think is affecting the app developer for iOS App development? Share your opinion below.

4 Reasons to Choose Cloud-Based Mobile Apps

Custom mobile app development is increasing with each passing day. But the nature of custom apps is also changing. Gone are the days when you create static mobile apps. Today, the entire era is migrating towards the cloud-based mobile solutions that allow your application to experience zero distraction services.

The demand for cloud mobile solutions is increasing rapidly, but some of you still have a big query in your mind i.e. why cloud-based mobile applications are becoming the first preference for the clients or business owners?

Cloud app

Let’s find out some valid and strong reasons behind this.

Hassle-Free Data Integration: Having different backend brings various complexities in your code and hence your database works abruptly with your application. This case is not present in the Cloud base mobile applications. Instead, the entire database can be easily integrated with the application that works seamlessly on every mobile device. In other mobile solutions, you will always find some complex situation during database integration.

Cost Efficient: Cost is another major factor that plays a vital role in the mobile app development process. Most of the entrepreneurs recommend using cloud-based mobile app development due to low cost as compared to other app development options. Options like native app development are expensive to consider, which makes the cloud mobile solutions the best and most reliable option for the business owner. Even when we talk about app maintenance, the cost is far much less than you actually expect.

Platform Independent: While creating mobile applications, you will always require one option among Android and iOS. You can generally work on one app at a time and make it ready for the app store. But in case of Cloud mobile apps, you are free to create both the apps simultaneously and make them ready for both the app stores without waiting for one code to compile. With cloud-based mobile app solutions, Android and iOS apps can be created in a time efficient manner.

No Installation: The biggest and the utmost advantage of using cloud-based mobile apps is that there is no installation required to use the mobile application. Instead, you can use it in the same way as using a mobile application and get the same visualization. This will make it convenient to save the mobile storage as well as connect with the users in real time. The cloud-based apps also make it easy to make real-time changes without asking to update mobile apps.

So, these are some of the important reasons why cloud-based mobile apps are highly recommended over other platforms.

How to Make a Musical Video Application like Tik-Tok?



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Getting into various mobile applications has now become a trend and hence there are multiple mobile applications being developed to allure users with new filters and unique features. The trend of musical video application is in huge demand. This huge user base was first introduced with the inclusion of musically in the market. But soon after it presented a unique and appealing idea of making fun videos with the overlapping of voice and visuals, it boomed in the market and with each passing day, the user base touches new heights.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is, no rocket science is required to create a musical app like Tik-Tok. But as it is enriched with numerous filters, video effects, you need to put additional efforts as compared to other mobile app development.


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What is Tik-Tok Musical App?

Those who are not familiar with Tik-Tok must know that before 2nd of August 2018, people were addicted to using musically app, but with a big change in the mobile application, it was renamed to Tik-Tok. So, in short, Tik-Tok is an entertainment application which allows you to create your selfie videos added with numerous filters and overlay music. You can upload your creation, share it with your friends and can see an upload of others too. This new concept of entertainment on a mobile phone makes it a popular mobile application and today, Tik-Tok has become a sensation for people of every age group. As per the statistics of June 2018, this musical app witness about 500 million active users.

This musical application has a wide scope, where a user can do X number of things to make something funny and unique. You can create a simple video, can add video filters to it, lip-sync on a popular song/dialogue, sing and even dance on any song. This wide range of entertainment opportunities made Tik-Tok one of the famous musical video applications.

Features Requires to Create Musical App like Tik-Tok:

There are some common features added with essential ones to make a full-fledged music app like Tik-Tok.

Simple Interface: The foremost need for every mobile application is the simple interface that permits the user to do an N number of things and take the full use of its features. The simpler you keep your mobile interface; the easier it will be for the users to stay on the application and use it hassle-free. The interface of Tik-Tok is given a clean and well-adjusted design (interface) that makes it easy to create your profile, upload a video and watch others. Getting more into the design, once you enter the mobile application, you can see the trending video followed by many other videos with maximum HEARTs (a way to appreciate work on Tik-Tok).

Easy Navigation: This is essential for every musical application where you want to retain the user for maximum possible tenure. In Tik-Tok, as soon as you enter the application, you are first welcomed with the most interesting and popular video on the platform. To make your online preference on the mobile application, you are given easy toolkit to login. You can easily login with Facebook, Google or your Email. For the first time users, the app shows you the interesting videos that you can like and follow the creator to get updates on more videos.

Unique Idea to find the Trend: In Tik-Tok, you will find the top trending videos on the top. The concept used to find the trending video is very simple. The more HEARTS you earn for your video, the more it will boost on the musical app Tik-Tok. The concept of hearts works as the currency for every video you upload or like on the platform. The Heart is more like a LIKE button available on the Facebook and FAVOURITE button on twitter. This unique feature makes it interesting for the user to like a video and to share the same on Tik-Tok.

Live Ops: Every mobile application need to be fresh and interesting each time you enter. So, there are various tactics that are used in Tik-Tok to keep it fresh and appealing. There are some challenges which are made by the admin of the app and let the users participate. Such challenges and contests not only help to get huge user-engagement but also add more video data on the platform that makes it relevant and interesting for new users.

Multiple Filters and Editing Tools: When we are talking to create a unique musical app like Tik-Tok, you need to provide as much options to the user as possible. The application is enriched with a wide range of filters to make your video a bit different from a standard shoot. Also, there are countless lip-sync songs, a parody that you can use to create unique video content and share it on your profile.  You can even use the inbuilt video editing tools to alter your video and make it suitable for your profile as well as your followers.

Social Connections: The million dollar question is, what if you want to share the same video on other social media platforms. It’s almost mandatory nowadays to connect all your social links together to make your presence global. On a similar note, you are provided to share the video on various social platforms that you want to.  Along with that, there is a special feature “Duets” that allows you to find the trending hashtag on the Tik-Tok and use it on your video to make it popular and earn traffic.

What are the Technologies Required to Make Musical Video App like Tik-Tok?

The most interesting part of this mobile app is that there are numerous languages being used to create a fully functional musical video application. Below is the list of technologies that you will require to create a musically App like Tik-Tok and showcase it with your users.

  • Streaming Media System
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Cloud Environment
  • Database
  • Universal Operating System
  • For Emails Storage
  • Database Management
  • Payments
  • Phone, Voice & SMS Verification
  • Push Notifications
  • Cloud Storage
  • Content Delivery Networks (CDSs)
  • Video/audio Transcoding
  • Media Server Configuration
  • Player Configuration

tik-tok1 (1)

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How you can earn from Make Musical Video App?

You can opt for different ways to make money and grow your profit from the musical video app.

In-app purchases: There are many in-app features that you can mark as paid and can earn money by allowing the users to purchase those features and use it flawlessly.

Raise Fund: If you are a start-up and have brought a new unique idea in the market, you can reach the investors and do fundraising for your musical application.

Make App Paid: There are many applications that are paid, hence you need to purchase them to make the full use of its features.

Advertise on App: You can even put third-party advertisers on your musical application and get profit from those advertisements.

So, these are some of the features that are necessary to make a musical video app like Tik-Tok. If you want to make your own musical video application, it’s important to consider the points given above along with some new and appealing trait that can make your mobile application distinct from others.


Worldwide iPhone Craze: Worth Applications


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Apple discharges a rundown of the best iPhone application developments. Apple is known for being amazingly particular, and the current year’s rundown contains a blend of everything from accommodating profitability applications to front-line recreations with dazzling illustrations.

The majority of Apple’s best picks in a single clean place for you to take in more about everyone and download your top picks. Apple’s AR encounter is here with IOS 11 and prepares to have your mind blown. You needn’t bother with another iPhone to appreciate this enormous experience.

Indeed, the upheaval of AR thought of iPhone 8 yet you never know, the iPhone in your grasp can likewise be a fit for it. Pre-dispatch of iPhone, the buzz of ARK it and its applications were all around with guarantees to draw out the virtual things into this present reality. A great many people conveyed the conclusion that it is only for the new iPhone that is thoroughly off-base.

All things considered, this component is an aid for the individuals who are extremely picky for their furnishings setting and move them all over to get its ideal look. With new iPhone applications worked with AR bolster, you would now be able to pick the furnishings you like and take a stab at setting it at better places in your home. Insignificant words won’t have the capacity to persuade you in any case, trust me with AR unit, you have an inclination that you are not moving the furnishings from your telephone, it feels like you are doing it is genuine.

New AR Apps are Stunning: We just talked about how simple and stunning furniture change can be with IOS 11. The splendid side of this element is that it very well may be gotten to on iPhone 6S and furthermore on the iPhone 7Plus. Demos are as of now observed on this gadget and they looked very incredible. All things considered, the idea of IOS 11 AR looked so great that even Google was constrained to pursue the comparative methodology with AR Core. Google Tango was additionally put aside with Apple’s AR. It has likely turned into the best AR telephone, anybody can ever get. Back in the date when Apple meeting was held, this is by all accounts a lot. In the present date, this can be considered as the following immense flood of the application improvement.

For what reason is iPhone’s new versions are Better Support to AR?

When you get some information about both these new Apple gadget, the appropriate response is exceptionally straightforward. A11 Bionic chip. It has upsurge designs for keeping up abnormal state preparing need to enable the AR to upheaval appropriate execution alongside enhanced gyro and accelerometer sensors. This will fill in as an expert in impossible to miss camera in addition to movement sensor following.

For a change, the current year’s refresh isn’t only for the recently propelled gadgets. A lot progressively past gadget can approach these amazing highlights and make their iPhone use in a considerably increasingly unimaginable way. iPhone application development advancement should be taken to an altogether unique dimension to make these highlights available. Designers likewise need to concentrate on different highlights like Face ID, new control focus, split screen and some more.

5 Skills to Look for While Hiring iOS Developer for Your Business

Apple is one of the front-running portable stages. This is the worth applications to buy and download, ease of use, and security; it offers a few advantages to entrepreneurs. It is right to expect the achievement of your applications. In any case, the inquiry here is, do you have the stuff to perceive the capability of an iPhone designer? Is it accurate to say that you are mindful of the qualities that your designer ought to have for building up the mobile application being referred to?

Hire iOS App developer

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Here are a couple of things to know before you procure an iPhone developer for iPhone App Development:

Level of understanding Your Requirements: Principally, you have to know whether you need the designer to work remotely or from inside your organization. When you have lucidity with that, you can concentrate on the capabilities you need in the iOS engineers to have. Ensure the prerequisite archives you make aren’t shallow and notices your necessities plainly and absolutely. When you offer this to the organization giving iOS application advancement administrations, you can spare your time and meeting just the significant designers.

About Coding Skills: Try not to restrict iOS App advancement to simply the coding part. This is on the grounds that, there is significantly more to an application than simply coding. You have to strategize a useful plan and render for a decent client encounter. Henceforth, it is good not to go for a designer that is simply into coding yet additionally comprehends the subtleties of structure, utility, and testing part of the application. In this way, when you talk with the iOS engineer, guarantee that they don’t simply display about their coding aptitudes and give lesser experience to the ease of use of the application.

Skills of Developers: The organizations ought to likewise decide the programming information and skill of the engineers. They should force enough improvement aptitudes to deliver blunder free codes. On the off chance that you need the quality application, the designers ought to have given a steady quality code to the majority of the tasks they have done. You can likewise take an uncommon meeting of the designers to think about their aptitudes and ability. Essentially to create iOS applications, the designer ought to be capable in either Objective-C or Swift programming dialect and ought to be comfortable with iOS technicals.

Creative Developers: Advancement of iOS applications requires loads of inventiveness. Amid the plan and advancement of the application, the designers may confront numerous obstacles which must be overwhelmed by the innovative and out of the box thinking about the engineers. Thus ensure that the iOS developer is inventive and pursue imaginative methodology for application advancement.

Final Conclusion: We have quite recently examined a portion of the imperative tips for contracting best iOS App developer. These focuses will give you a reasonable image of the nature of administration the engineers can give and whether they can comprehend the work process to finish the undertaking on time.