How to Choose a Full Stack Developer?

Those who are not aware of the term ‘full stack developer’ must note that they are one of those developers who can create full-fledged applications for web, mobile as well as desktop. The term ‘full-fledged’ means a lot i.e. the developers is capable to handle the front-end as well as the back-end to make the entire web/mobile application work for the client.

A full stack developer is one such guy who can handle most of your development task without demanding any support. Now, as such developers are in high demand, you should know how to find the one who can work for your clients and deliver the top-notch services.

Below are some important tips which you should always consider while hiring full stack developer:

Check Personal Qualities: A developer might have wide specialties, but it’s equally important to examine whether (s) he is passionate and keen towards his talent and work. While hiring such developer, you should acknowledge how talented the developer is, so that you can get a multi-talented person.

Look for Technical Knowledge: What are the technical aspects where the developer is proficient? There are some common languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Databases, etc where the developer must have expertise.

Check Technical Assessment: There are many a time a situation occurs when it’s totally upon the developer to choose the right prospect of the development process and deliver the final output. In such a scenario, the technical assessment of the developer is required. Some common technical situations like problem-solving, database problems, back-end issues, must be easily handled by the developer.

Check Experience: This is the most important of all pointers. When you are hiring a full-stack developer, you should examine the previous experience. The previous experience of a developer let you know the level of services he has worked and is capable to deliver. Hence you can trust on the capabilities of the developer.

Now, the aforementioned points will make you capable to hire the full-stack developers and serve the best ever services to your client. But you should also know when you should really hire a full stack developer.

Cost Limitation: Where there is a cost constraint situation, hence you can’t invest much in hiring specialist developers/designers; a full-stack developer is the best option to go for. Instead of hiring multiple specialist developers, with big salaries, you can just hire one developer who is proficient in handling multiple requirements and serve the same.

Need a CTO: When you look forward to leading your entire development team, you need a developer who has knowledge of each niche and can understand/negotiate with the clients. While hiring a Chief Technical Officer, you actually need a multi-talented person and a full stack developer is one such guy who can get you entire services with the right development process.

So, these are some major scenario, where you really need a full stack developer and make your client happy. The basic aspect of hiring the developer is to understand the client’s requirement from each aspect and build the same output within the given timeframe.


How to Make a Musical Video Application like Tik-Tok?



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Getting into various mobile applications has now become a trend and hence there are multiple mobile applications being developed to allure users with new filters and unique features. The trend of musical video application is in huge demand. This huge user base was first introduced with the inclusion of musically in the market. But soon after it presented a unique and appealing idea of making fun videos with the overlapping of voice and visuals, it boomed in the market and with each passing day, the user base touches new heights.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is, no rocket science is required to create a musical app like Tik-Tok. But as it is enriched with numerous filters, video effects, you need to put additional efforts as compared to other mobile app development.


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What is Tik-Tok Musical App?

Those who are not familiar with Tik-Tok must know that before 2nd of August 2018, people were addicted to using musically app, but with a big change in the mobile application, it was renamed to Tik-Tok. So, in short, Tik-Tok is an entertainment application which allows you to create your selfie videos added with numerous filters and overlay music. You can upload your creation, share it with your friends and can see an upload of others too. This new concept of entertainment on a mobile phone makes it a popular mobile application and today, Tik-Tok has become a sensation for people of every age group. As per the statistics of June 2018, this musical app witness about 500 million active users.

This musical application has a wide scope, where a user can do X number of things to make something funny and unique. You can create a simple video, can add video filters to it, lip-sync on a popular song/dialogue, sing and even dance on any song. This wide range of entertainment opportunities made Tik-Tok one of the famous musical video applications.

Features Requires to Create Musical App like Tik-Tok:

There are some common features added with essential ones to make a full-fledged music app like Tik-Tok.

Simple Interface: The foremost need for every mobile application is the simple interface that permits the user to do an N number of things and take the full use of its features. The simpler you keep your mobile interface; the easier it will be for the users to stay on the application and use it hassle-free. The interface of Tik-Tok is given a clean and well-adjusted design (interface) that makes it easy to create your profile, upload a video and watch others. Getting more into the design, once you enter the mobile application, you can see the trending video followed by many other videos with maximum HEARTs (a way to appreciate work on Tik-Tok).

Easy Navigation: This is essential for every musical application where you want to retain the user for maximum possible tenure. In Tik-Tok, as soon as you enter the application, you are first welcomed with the most interesting and popular video on the platform. To make your online preference on the mobile application, you are given easy toolkit to login. You can easily login with Facebook, Google or your Email. For the first time users, the app shows you the interesting videos that you can like and follow the creator to get updates on more videos.

Unique Idea to find the Trend: In Tik-Tok, you will find the top trending videos on the top. The concept used to find the trending video is very simple. The more HEARTS you earn for your video, the more it will boost on the musical app Tik-Tok. The concept of hearts works as the currency for every video you upload or like on the platform. The Heart is more like a LIKE button available on the Facebook and FAVOURITE button on twitter. This unique feature makes it interesting for the user to like a video and to share the same on Tik-Tok.

Live Ops: Every mobile application need to be fresh and interesting each time you enter. So, there are various tactics that are used in Tik-Tok to keep it fresh and appealing. There are some challenges which are made by the admin of the app and let the users participate. Such challenges and contests not only help to get huge user-engagement but also add more video data on the platform that makes it relevant and interesting for new users.

Multiple Filters and Editing Tools: When we are talking to create a unique musical app like Tik-Tok, you need to provide as much options to the user as possible. The application is enriched with a wide range of filters to make your video a bit different from a standard shoot. Also, there are countless lip-sync songs, a parody that you can use to create unique video content and share it on your profile.  You can even use the inbuilt video editing tools to alter your video and make it suitable for your profile as well as your followers.

Social Connections: The million dollar question is, what if you want to share the same video on other social media platforms. It’s almost mandatory nowadays to connect all your social links together to make your presence global. On a similar note, you are provided to share the video on various social platforms that you want to.  Along with that, there is a special feature “Duets” that allows you to find the trending hashtag on the Tik-Tok and use it on your video to make it popular and earn traffic.

What are the Technologies Required to Make Musical Video App like Tik-Tok?

The most interesting part of this mobile app is that there are numerous languages being used to create a fully functional musical video application. Below is the list of technologies that you will require to create a musically App like Tik-Tok and showcase it with your users.

  • Streaming Media System
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Cloud Environment
  • Database
  • Universal Operating System
  • For Emails Storage
  • Database Management
  • Payments
  • Phone, Voice & SMS Verification
  • Push Notifications
  • Cloud Storage
  • Content Delivery Networks (CDSs)
  • Video/audio Transcoding
  • Media Server Configuration
  • Player Configuration

tik-tok1 (1)

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How you can earn from Make Musical Video App?

You can opt for different ways to make money and grow your profit from the musical video app.

In-app purchases: There are many in-app features that you can mark as paid and can earn money by allowing the users to purchase those features and use it flawlessly.

Raise Fund: If you are a start-up and have brought a new unique idea in the market, you can reach the investors and do fundraising for your musical application.

Make App Paid: There are many applications that are paid, hence you need to purchase them to make the full use of its features.

Advertise on App: You can even put third-party advertisers on your musical application and get profit from those advertisements.

So, these are some of the features that are necessary to make a musical video app like Tik-Tok. If you want to make your own musical video application, it’s important to consider the points given above along with some new and appealing trait that can make your mobile application distinct from others.


Why Mobile Web Design is so Important Nowadays

The increasing count for mobile users has made it mandatory to bring your entire business on a mobile device. As a result, companies more adhere to the mobile website and mobile applications that give more scope to your business and cover a wide range of customer base. This gives the mobile web design team a big responsibility to ensure your business website is working perfectly on mobile devices, regardless of their size and resolution.

But have you ever through why there is a huge boom in the demand for mobile web design? Below are some interesting facts about the web design that has made it popular.

Quick Customer Reach: In the era, where everyone is having numerous competitors and is looking to find new opportunities to grow their business, it’s really tough to skip any new technology and stay behind your competitors. Alongside, it’s also important to reach your customers with no time delay. Mobile website gives the potential to connect with your customers at any time.

Google is now Mobile First: If you have an in-house marketing team, you might have heard of the term ‘Mobile First’. Google nowadays prefer a mobile platform more than the desktop or tablet. Hence it’s very important to make your website mobile ready and let Google appreciate your work. As soon as your website becomes available for mobile devices at a high speed, it will become easy to draw organic traffic on your website.

Low Time and Cost Investment: As per the analysis made by the team, the time required to create a mobile web design is lower than a desktop web design. Along with that, the time consumption is also high. So, in order to deliver your customers quickly, it’s important to move on the mobile platform. The time and cost save in building mobile web design provide even more opportunities for the customers to use their new website.

Increased Traffic: As mentioned initially, the count of mobile users is increasing with each passing day. Hence it’s now important to acquire the maximum possible audience to promote your products. Mobile phones contribute to about 60 percent of the total telecom gadgets used by the customers. Hence with the mobile web design, there will be considerable growth in the overall traffic of your website.

Seamless User Experience: User interface and User experience are two factors that should also be considered to make your website mobile ready. In comparison to the desktop website, the mobile website is more comfortable to use and track your previous journey. So, using the mobile web design, your entire website is given a new design.

So, if you really want to stand out of the crowd and make your business website look distinct from others, it’s really important to hire a mobile web design team and get all your requirements done from their end. With the mobile web design, you will be able to find the pitfalls and resolve them with no time delay.

Flutter Makes Mobile Application More Brilliant


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Flutter is a Mobile Application Development Framework, finish with gadgets and tools that gives mobile app developers a simple method to create and convey outwardly appealing mobile applications for Android as well as the iOS platform.

Flutter accelerates the mobile application by improving the process, shortening of entire expense to create a fully fledged mobile application. It also encourages developers to fabricate a lovely application UI with smooth functionalities. So, let’s take a look at some features of Flutter that has made it the first priority among other app development frameworks.

High-Speed App Development: As flutter is based on React language, it gives leverage to develop android applications with the ease of simplicity and speed. The entire mobile app development process is made simple and time-saving with the utilization of this framework.

Hot Reload Feature: Those who are not aware of this feature must know that with the Hot Reload Feature, the changes made in Flutter can be directly injected in the actual Android application, without affecting its functionality and design. In no time, you will visualize a complete change in your android application with the support of Hot Reload Feature. This is not only limited to adding any functionality, instead, you can even debug any errors and omit them in real time.

Build in Widgets: The biggest benefit of using Flutter is the presence of build in material components and widgets that help you create android applications with the latest design and tools. The entire facility is provided to deliver a top-notch experience to the users and create an appealing UI. As the material design is in trend nowadays, your entire app will have the same design that will be delightful for the users.

Build in Animation Library: Animation Library is the benefit of Flutter through which the entire application becomes more appealing for the users. In the Android application, the addition of animations brings an exciting feel for the users that also contribute to the user experience (UX). The animations when added to the static app design make it look realistic and well polished.

Simple Setup: There is no rocket science required to set up the Flutter framework on your system and start creating your android applications. Flutter is fast, simple and easy to use a framework that is rarely found in the market. It works on React.JS, which makes the point even more effective.

Easy Error Debug: Most of the developers have already heard of the Flutter doctor. It is a coding command which is used to find the list of bugs which can be treated accordingly. This common is highly effective to encounter the existing problems in your applications and resolve them to keep the app function seamless.

Meet Design Standards: While creating any mobile application, it takes care of each and every pixel to avoid mismanagement in terms of design. The widgets used in Flutter give you more flexibility to create an app with up-to-date design standards.

So, these are some of the essential traits of Flutter that has made it famous among the developers.

6 Technical Skills to Consider While Hiring Android App Developer

Android is popular operating system that engages billions of mobile users as its user base. Android devices are for everyone from high income to low income society. From marketing point of view you can win large audience if your business has Android presence.


With growing demand of Android Apps, there is a need for skilled and experienced developers. So, if you are looking to hire Android App developer then make a checklist of below aspects.

Check out essential technical skill sets needed for an Android App developer to develop feature-rich, cutting-edge Android apps.

  1. Proficiency in Kotlin, Java and C-sharp Programming language:

An Android App developer should be well-versed with Java, Kotlin and C-sharp programming languages. Developer should be aware of complex Java concepts, programming syntaxes and latest versions of Java and Kotlin.

  1. Proficiency in HTML,CSS and JavaScript:

An Android App developer must be skilled in HTML, CSS and JavaScript because this skill set is required for developing Hybrid Android App development.

  1. Android App Developers should be skilled in integrated development tools:

Android App developer should have hands on experience with various integrated development tools such as Android SDK, Android Studio and other required tools. He/She should have good working knowledge of adding third party libraries.

  1. Android App Developers should be well versed with frameworks:

 While selecting of Android App developer, you make sure Android developer that you are choosing should have hands on experience on different Android frameworks of Native and Hybrid such as Appcelerator Titanium, Xamarin, Ionic, PhoneGap and so on. Android App developer must be comfortable working with both Native and Hybrid development approach.

  1. Android App Developers must have Database skill:

 Database is paramount for any Mobile Application Development services. In today’s data centric world, your Android App must handle large amount of data by interacting with database.

Developer must be skilled in cloud database like Firebase. These platforms offer Java libraries to plug into your Android App.

Another database to store data by using SQL is SQLite. The Android operating system has inbuilt SQLite DBMS which allows users to store data such as contacts and text messages. Android App developer must be knowledgeable in handling data in application, he/she should be capable of understanding working of database and exploring the ways to query the data and use it in App.

  1. Material design:

Google released a set of interface guidelines and standards called Material design. These guidelines and standards include such as how to layer various elements on the screen. Google recommends Android App developers to use these standards for user interface. So, while hiring Android App developer, you should look for Material design skill. 

Final Thoughts:

Make sure you tick the above technical skill sets to hire best Android App developer for your organisation in order to make your Mobile App development project successful. And a successful project leads to better ROI.

8 Key Benefits of Native Mobile App Development

If you want to surprise customers and fully leverage the capabilities of all their mobile hardwares, native mobile apps are ideal choice to go with.

Native mobile apps offer advantages to customers and make them feel worthy.


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Here we have listed few benefits of developing native mobile applications:

  1. Native mobile app code runs faster

Native apps are developed and compiled using a platform’s specific programming language. For example Objective C is used for iOS and Java for Android .This enables them more efficient on that platform. They are compiled as well and stored on the device itself, enabling them to take full advantage of the device’s speed. A web app works as a series of calls to and from remote web pages, and its speed is constrained by all those internet connections.

  1. Native mobile apps integrate better with mobile hardware

A mobile device contains varieties of hardware feature such as GPS, camera, touch screen, accelerometer and many more. Accessing these hardwares from a web browser can be tough task to do. But with a native mobile app it is quite easy and you can interact with them.

  1. Native mobile apps work offline

Web apps only work when you have internet access. All the web content resides on web server and you need internet connection to make your App to work. While native mobile App can work without internet connection. So native one you can use it anywhere such as if you’re on train, in an airplane, or any remote area.

  1. Aspect Ratio

While developing any app you need to think of screen size where your application will work. Aspect ratio is another important aspect that can make or break your sale. Users would not feel happy to view the Tablet app on smart phone and vice-versa. Both have different aspect ratio and screen resolution. Every application design involves Aspect Ratio setup that manages the view or looks of the application. That’s why native App Development is good choice to deal with issue.

  1. Integrated Development Environment

Developing any application also depends upon development environment. This native environment bind together developer’s coding process with specific OS. This makes development and testing easy and fast.

  1. App store support

Google and Apple are two big names in mobile market. These two big brands do not need any introduction .Native apps are well supported from respective mobile app stores.

  1. Community support

Apple and Google provide good community support in development and customisation process of native apps to increase the lifespan of native apps. Big brands do not let their customers down.

  1. Enhanced UX/UI

Functionality of app is important but it should be easy to use as well. Android and iOS platforms provide some UI standards to developer for build UI/UX rich features. This enables developers to offer easy navigation and access to users. Native apps make use of their device’s interfaces to provide enhanced user experience and interactions


Native mobile applications have the best performance, highest level of security and best user experience. Users can easily look and download a native app of their preferences from respective app store and get full community support from respective platforms.



8 Top Benefits of Hybrid Mobile App Development

In this Mobile addicted world, innovations are happening for every business to compete with each other. Hybrid App technology is significant for all organisations. Hybrid App development is changing the face of Mobile App development with sublime benefits.


Here are the benefits that come with Hybrid Mobile App development:

  1. Time to market:

Same code is used on multiple platforms and operating systems. So, in Hybrid App development process, Mobile App developers invest time only once for developing the App as compared to other App development process. Thus it takes less time to market.

  1. Offline app support without performance glitches:

One of the major advantages of Hybrid Mobile App is that it supports Offline data usage. At the time of poor internet connectivity or when you have no internet access, Hybrid mobile App uses device’s API to save offline internet data. This helps internet users to load the application quickly.

So, when the mobile users access the Hybrid App in Offline mode, it allows users to use previously loaded internet data.

  1. Highly Scalable:

Hybrid Apps are developed to work with multiple platforms and operating system, this level of flexibility makes it scalable. Hybrid App development helps developers by not rebuilding the App from scratch, rather reusing the code across multiple platforms and OS.

  1. Easy to Maintain:

As Hybrid App is just a single application running on different platforms and operating system so you do not have to maintain for all platforms, just upgrade on a single application and the App works for all. This concept makes it pretty easier to maintain.

  1. Cost effective:

Hybrid App development has a common code for multiple platforms so you just need to invest only once. Once you develop Hybrid App, you can put on App store for different platforms. So, Hybrid mobile App development is a cost-effective process when compared to native App development.

  1. Resources Availability:

Resource availability is not a big deal for Hybrid Mobile App development. For creating Hybrid Apps, developers utilize web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and so on. So, you can get resources very easily.

  1. App utilizes device’s inbuilt features:

Hybrid Mobile App utilizes inbuilt applications such as camera, GPS, messaging, or any other feature through wrapper or overlay. It assists your business to offer better services to your users.

  1. User Experience:

Hybrid Mobile App provides consistent user experience across multiple operating system and platforms. In order to have a strong business relationship with your customer, it is very important to provide a consistent user-experience to the customer when switching from one mobile platform to another.

It provides a standard UX design to all its customers across multiple platforms. It provides a fix to the App by updating the Mobile App one time which is reflected across all platforms.

 Wrapping Up

Hybrid App development allows business to grow seamlessly by offering enough possibilities. This App development approach saves a lot of time and money. All you need to do is hire the right Hybrid App development firm or hire suitable Hybrid App developer to solve your business problem by getting right Hybrid solution.