4 Reasons to Choose Cloud-Based Mobile Apps

Custom mobile app development is increasing with each passing day. But the nature of custom apps is also changing. Gone are the days when you create static mobile apps. Today, the entire era is migrating towards the cloud-based mobile solutions that allow your application to experience zero distraction services.

The demand for cloud mobile solutions is increasing rapidly, but some of you still have a big query in your mind i.e. why cloud-based mobile applications are becoming the first preference for the clients or business owners?

Cloud app

Let’s find out some valid and strong reasons behind this.

Hassle-Free Data Integration: Having different backend brings various complexities in your code and hence your database works abruptly with your application. This case is not present in the Cloud base mobile applications. Instead, the entire database can be easily integrated with the application that works seamlessly on every mobile device. In other mobile solutions, you will always find some complex situation during database integration.

Cost Efficient: Cost is another major factor that plays a vital role in the mobile app development process. Most of the entrepreneurs recommend using cloud-based mobile app development due to low cost as compared to other app development options. Options like native app development are expensive to consider, which makes the cloud mobile solutions the best and most reliable option for the business owner. Even when we talk about app maintenance, the cost is far much less than you actually expect.

Platform Independent: While creating mobile applications, you will always require one option among Android and iOS. You can generally work on one app at a time and make it ready for the app store. But in case of Cloud mobile apps, you are free to create both the apps simultaneously and make them ready for both the app stores without waiting for one code to compile. With cloud-based mobile app solutions, Android and iOS apps can be created in a time efficient manner.

No Installation: The biggest and the utmost advantage of using cloud-based mobile apps is that there is no installation required to use the mobile application. Instead, you can use it in the same way as using a mobile application and get the same visualization. This will make it convenient to save the mobile storage as well as connect with the users in real time. The cloud-based apps also make it easy to make real-time changes without asking to update mobile apps.

So, these are some of the important reasons why cloud-based mobile apps are highly recommended over other platforms.


How AR apps are solving the Education system?

AR Apps is changing Education system

It is well known that education is necessary for the overall development of mankind. It enhances the knowledge and skill of humans. The traditional education system is a thing of past. But, it’s a digital world and you can make education even more interesting. Nowadays, AR technology is broadly used in the education system.

The full form of AR is Augmented Reality. It is beneficial for all level of education school as well as college. It makes the learning process easier for students and they learn a lot of things in the fun. This is the leading method of education that introduced new and additional ways that upgrade the conventional system.

Let’s check out the benefits of using the AR app development solution in the education system.


  • Focus on Practical Knowledge: It is well known that mobile app makes our task easy and require minimum efforts. Mobile apps are equally useful in the education system. AR apps focus on practical knowledge. To know the things in detail practical knowledge is better than the theoretical one. Nowadays, practical skill is necessary for every job because it gives accurate results. So, AR apps are highly beneficial for professional training.


  • Faster and Effective Way of Learning: Visual are easily catchable then theory. AR apps make the learning process even more interesting through videos. Videos are easily understood by the students in a faster way and they achieve a better result in minimum time. As a student, you all know that videos are really interesting then theory.


  • Enhance Student Interest and Engagement: It is well known that you will keenly engage in a particular work if it is interesting. AR makes the learning process interesting that ultimately engage students in studies. It is an interactive way that teaches students with the help of games. Students learn the whole lesson in a single sitting without any more efforts. This technology positively impacts on students mind and enhance their learning efficiency.


  • Learning Materials Are Easily Accessible: It is well-known AR technology replace the traditional teaching methods. It is also a less expensive way of teaching and it offers all the related study material anytime and anywhere. You can easily access the required chapter through your mobile. There is no need to go anywhere for related material.


  • No Extra Equipment is required: The other study apps may require some special equipment to access data such as VR technology. There is no such case is associated with AR apps. It does not require any expensive or special hardware for data access. All your learning material is instantly available to you with the help of your Smartphone and Smartphone is owned by every student nowadays.


  • Conclusion: AR apps are an interactive way of learning and also safe. If your child is bored with their books then you can make their studies more interesting with this Smartphone app. So, be smart and make your child education more interesting by adopting these latest technology apps.

What is the Importance of Progressive Web App Development?

Mobile Apps are an essential part of our life. It not only makes the task easier but also it saves time. You can do a lot of task in just a few seconds with the help of these apps such as money transfer, paying the bill, ticket booking etc. These apps are also used as effective marketing tools by almost all companies.

Mobile and web applications are easy to install and use because they are based on a user-friendly platform. To make these apps more attractive Progressive Web Apps are used by a lot of developers and they provide an app-based interface to end-users. PWA is basically the combination of apps and websites that can suit with any gadgets such as a laptop, phone, tablet, and desktop.

Importance of PWA

Now, it’s time to know the importance of the progressive Web App in the app development arena.

Easy and Fast Installation Process: This is the foremost step for every mobile application. Easy and short installation process improves the user experience a bit more. The user can easily install the progressive web app frequently and directly to their device. It can easily accessible through URL and there is no need to go to the App Store and Google Play Store.

Progressive web applications provide credibility and reliability to your applications by enhancing its functionality.

Provide Better Performance: This app development technology improves the running speed of websites and does tasks quickly. It saved images, text, and content in a specific manner that enhance user-experience and boost the conversion rate of your App. It will improve customer retention and loyalty because it provides a suitable environment for your users.

Development Cost Is Low: As we all know that the cost of the app will decide its usability. Progressive web applications are cost-effective because its single version is suitable for various devices. Along with cost it also reduces the efforts of the development team because a single progressive app can meet all the requirement of the users as well as developers.

Push Notification Facility is Available: Notification is the best method to advertise your app. These are basically device-specific functions the can able to improve customers retention at your site. Push notification is used by a lot of companies to promote their product and services. Ultimately, it attracts more users and helps in enhancing your customer base.

Provide Enhanced Security Features: Safety is the top-most priority for all mobile and web applications. PWAs provide enhanced security features to its users because it depends on HTTPS. HTTPS minimize the risk associated with the security of the app. The other function of this protocol is that it inhibits content tempering and snooping and gives robust security to your mobile apps. Web Bluetooth technology is also used by PWAs that boost its security capability a bit more.

These are the benefits of progressive web app development that increase its importance in today’s mobile apps scenario. It not only increases the page views of your website but also boosts traffic on your apps.

What Are the Determining Factors For Web Development Cost Estimation?

Web development Cost Estimation

Image Courtesy: Appinop

The website is an essential part of web development. It is very useful in this tech era. It is used by most of the businessmen as a marketing tool. The main reason for the popularity of websites is that it is cost-effective and its maintenance cost is also. Data share can be easily done to all platforms with the help of websites.

Website development is not an easy task as it requires a lot of time, money, management and it requires a regular visit to check its status. A lot of factors affect web development cost estimation.

Here, in this blog, we would brief you about the factors that decide the cost of the website development.

Domain & Hosting:

Before creating a custom website, you need to register a domain for your website and for that you need to buy the domain from domain registrars such as GoDaddy.com, Hover.com and so on.

Thereafter, you need to have web hosting, a location where your all website files are stored. Web hosting also adds cost to your overall website development cost.

Website development complexity:

Your custom website development cost depends as well on the features and functionalities of the website. If your business needs feature and function rich website then definitely it would cost high. As you move towards higher complexity then you need to invest more on web development experts and also development time period would be more.

Technical Aspect:

This is also an important factor in cost estimation. Your services should be perfect. The web development services require changes in it periodically. A lot of languages are used for creating website such as WordPress, Angular, platforms, PHP and many more. All these things are required to program a website. There is a lot of ways to use them to get the desired output. The cost of web development is also determined by the technical aspects of web development.

Pricing as per Hours and Fixed Price:

Pricing of the websites is mainly done in two ways. Some companies fixed the price for the whole project while for some, the pricing is done as per the working hours. Hour-based price model is more valuable than a fixed one because in hour-based pricing manpower will work with more effort and also utilized their whole time. Fixed pricing model may increase your custom web development cost even for a simple project. So, choose a pricing plan carefully as it decides your cost estimation.

Closing words

The above content will certainly help you in choosing a cost-effective strategy for web development. These are the most effective factors that decide the overall cost of your website. You can definitely minimize your sites cost estimation by choosing an expert web developing team that will be able to choose a proper standard for your company.

5 Reasons Behind the Popularity of AngularJS

Angular JS is one of the highly used frameworks to create robust and adaptable applications. On one hand where HTML is highly recommended to create a static website, but it’s not any more successful to build a dynamic web application. To meet this demand, the Angular JS comes into existence and hence is being used by countless developers over the globe.



Image Courtesy: Appinop Technologies

But when we have many other frameworks, there comes a big competition among them. Still, Angular JS is highly popular among the developers. Below are the reasons that prove the huge popularity of Angular JS framework.

User Interface: As mentioned earlier, HTML is the base of this framework, hence it becomes totally easy for a newbie to start building web applications. With this framework, it’s very convenient to make an appealing user-interface and transform the same interface into a web application. The final application hence build is lightweight and user-friendly.

Bidirectional Data Binding: While creating an application, it’s important to change the view each time you make some model changes. But in terms of Angular JS, you can stay assured of bidirectional data binding. With a small change in the model will show the complete change in its view. On the way to your model changes, the browser will still retain the HTML template and will reflect the change simultaneously.

High Performance: The multiple traits including robustness, easy to use the code and many other similar features make it the best of all frameworks available for the developers. Many other features like scope management, content sanitization, form validation, API client, animations; etc makes it a highly popular framework. All these features collectively make it easy and high performing for the web application.

Dependency Injection: In many situations, there are some modules required to execute the code and add functionality to the application. The Angular JS provides you appropriate dependency on the modules that can be called at the time of need. The entire dependency Injection in Angular JS can be done conveniently, just by passing the scope object and the service dependencies.

Wide Open Source Knowledge: Like you, all know that Google is the father of Angular, there is no need to search out the resources and learn Angular JS. The Google engineer provides a wide range of open source community and implements the same to create high-end web applications.

Minimal Testing: The testing is what makes Angular JS even more dominating over other frameworks. The coder can easily identify the errors and resolve them without using any separate testing plugin or supplementary framework. Hence you can stay assured of getting zero errors at the end.

There are many other features that you might love and hence become your strong reason for using Angular JS. But all in all, it’s the web application which comes out to be the most reliable and robust framework. Its popularity is still increasing with the addition of more and more traits.


How to Choose a Full Stack Developer?

Those who are not aware of the term ‘full stack developer’ must note that they are one of those developers who can create full-fledged applications for web, mobile as well as desktop. The term ‘full-fledged’ means a lot i.e. the developers is capable to handle the front-end as well as the back-end to make the entire web/mobile application work for the client.

A full stack developer is one such guy who can handle most of your development task without demanding any support. Now, as such developers are in high demand, you should know how to find the one who can work for your clients and deliver the top-notch services.

Below are some important tips which you should always consider while hiring full stack developer:

Check Personal Qualities: A developer might have wide specialties, but it’s equally important to examine whether (s) he is passionate and keen towards his talent and work. While hiring such developer, you should acknowledge how talented the developer is, so that you can get a multi-talented person.

Look for Technical Knowledge: What are the technical aspects where the developer is proficient? There are some common languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Databases, etc where the developer must have expertise.

Check Technical Assessment: There are many a time a situation occurs when it’s totally upon the developer to choose the right prospect of the development process and deliver the final output. In such a scenario, the technical assessment of the developer is required. Some common technical situations like problem-solving, database problems, back-end issues, must be easily handled by the developer.

Check Experience: This is the most important of all pointers. When you are hiring a full-stack developer, you should examine the previous experience. The previous experience of a developer let you know the level of services he has worked and is capable to deliver. Hence you can trust on the capabilities of the developer.

Now, the aforementioned points will make you capable to hire the full-stack developers and serve the best ever services to your client. But you should also know when you should really hire a full stack developer.

Cost Limitation: Where there is a cost constraint situation, hence you can’t invest much in hiring specialist developers/designers; a full-stack developer is the best option to go for. Instead of hiring multiple specialist developers, with big salaries, you can just hire one developer who is proficient in handling multiple requirements and serve the same.

Need a CTO: When you look forward to leading your entire development team, you need a developer who has knowledge of each niche and can understand/negotiate with the clients. While hiring a Chief Technical Officer, you actually need a multi-talented person and a full stack developer is one such guy who can get you entire services with the right development process.

So, these are some major scenario, where you really need a full stack developer and make your client happy. The basic aspect of hiring the developer is to understand the client’s requirement from each aspect and build the same output within the given timeframe.

Magento 1 Vs. Magento 2: Top 5 Differences


When we search the market there are various e-commerce solutions available. Magento is the open source e-commerce content management system that is best for the shopping cart software. It is the best e-commerce software that meets the goals of the business worldwide. To all e-commerce clients, the Magento developers recommend this for their success and popularity. Why this is recommended here are some of the following reasons. Multi-store and multi-site functionality, guest check out options, search engine friendliness, built-in SEO tools, a huge collection of extensions and reorder facility are some of the reasons why e-commerce clients are picking Magento.

magento1 vs magento2

Image Courtesy: Appinop Technologies

But if we go for the different Magento versions then there are Magento 1 and Magento 2.

Here are some of the differences between both of them.

  • Architectural Differences- Magento 2 supports the latest PHP version. Magento 1lackswith the store performances and this is significantly improved in the Magento 2. The PHP version in Magento 2 makes it security improvements that affect the store’s speed. It also has the good browser caching for the static content.
  • Extension– Magento 1 was having the conflicting extensions that are when two or more extensions try to rewrite the same functionality, and this problem was resolved in another one that is Magento 2. Magento 2 plugin allowed code to overlap core code rather than overwriting. By the Magento 2, the installing and the updating becomes easier and cheaper.
  • SEO And Security– In the catalog pages that improve search results in SERPs there are rich snippets. (SHA-256) strengthened hashing algorithms for passwords and this has made the password stronger to the dictionary type of attacks.
  • Dashboard– For finding the information easily and to navigate all parts of the admin panel and Magento 2 manages the stores more efficiently and this happens because of admin panel available in the Magento 2. Lifetime sales, last orders, average orders, top search terms, revenue tax, check best sellers and customers, shipping and quantity are all that is needed in the shopping software and Magento 2 has a comprehensive dashboard that allows all these. This helps to monitor the current state of your business with the full security.
  • Performances and Speed– When we compare the speed and performance of the Magento 1 and Magento 2 then Magento 2 offers the faster page load speed than Magento 1. The community as well as enterprise edition these are offered by full-page caching Magento.