How to Choose a Full Stack Developer?

Those who are not aware of the term ‘full stack developer’ must note that they are one of those developers who can create full-fledged applications for web, mobile as well as desktop. The term ‘full-fledged’ means a lot i.e. the developers is capable to handle the front-end as well as the back-end to make the entire web/mobile application work for the client.

A full stack developer is one such guy who can handle most of your development task without demanding any support. Now, as such developers are in high demand, you should know how to find the one who can work for your clients and deliver the top-notch services.

Below are some important tips which you should always consider while hiring full stack developer:

Check Personal Qualities: A developer might have wide specialties, but it’s equally important to examine whether (s) he is passionate and keen towards his talent and work. While hiring such developer, you should acknowledge how talented the developer is, so that you can get a multi-talented person.

Look for Technical Knowledge: What are the technical aspects where the developer is proficient? There are some common languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Databases, etc where the developer must have expertise.

Check Technical Assessment: There are many a time a situation occurs when it’s totally upon the developer to choose the right prospect of the development process and deliver the final output. In such a scenario, the technical assessment of the developer is required. Some common technical situations like problem-solving, database problems, back-end issues, must be easily handled by the developer.

Check Experience: This is the most important of all pointers. When you are hiring a full-stack developer, you should examine the previous experience. The previous experience of a developer let you know the level of services he has worked and is capable to deliver. Hence you can trust on the capabilities of the developer.

Now, the aforementioned points will make you capable to hire the full-stack developers and serve the best ever services to your client. But you should also know when you should really hire a full stack developer.

Cost Limitation: Where there is a cost constraint situation, hence you can’t invest much in hiring specialist developers/designers; a full-stack developer is the best option to go for. Instead of hiring multiple specialist developers, with big salaries, you can just hire one developer who is proficient in handling multiple requirements and serve the same.

Need a CTO: When you look forward to leading your entire development team, you need a developer who has knowledge of each niche and can understand/negotiate with the clients. While hiring a Chief Technical Officer, you actually need a multi-talented person and a full stack developer is one such guy who can get you entire services with the right development process.

So, these are some major scenario, where you really need a full stack developer and make your client happy. The basic aspect of hiring the developer is to understand the client’s requirement from each aspect and build the same output within the given timeframe.


Magento 1 Vs. Magento 2: Top 5 Differences


When we search the market there are various e-commerce solutions available. Magento is the open source e-commerce content management system that is best for the shopping cart software. It is the best e-commerce software that meets the goals of the business worldwide. To all e-commerce clients, the Magento developers recommend this for their success and popularity. Why this is recommended here are some of the following reasons. Multi-store and multi-site functionality, guest check out options, search engine friendliness, built-in SEO tools, a huge collection of extensions and reorder facility are some of the reasons why e-commerce clients are picking Magento.

magento1 vs magento2

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But if we go for the different Magento versions then there are Magento 1 and Magento 2.

Here are some of the differences between both of them.

  • Architectural Differences- Magento 2 supports the latest PHP version. Magento 1lackswith the store performances and this is significantly improved in the Magento 2. The PHP version in Magento 2 makes it security improvements that affect the store’s speed. It also has the good browser caching for the static content.
  • Extension– Magento 1 was having the conflicting extensions that are when two or more extensions try to rewrite the same functionality, and this problem was resolved in another one that is Magento 2. Magento 2 plugin allowed code to overlap core code rather than overwriting. By the Magento 2, the installing and the updating becomes easier and cheaper.
  • SEO And Security– In the catalog pages that improve search results in SERPs there are rich snippets. (SHA-256) strengthened hashing algorithms for passwords and this has made the password stronger to the dictionary type of attacks.
  • Dashboard– For finding the information easily and to navigate all parts of the admin panel and Magento 2 manages the stores more efficiently and this happens because of admin panel available in the Magento 2. Lifetime sales, last orders, average orders, top search terms, revenue tax, check best sellers and customers, shipping and quantity are all that is needed in the shopping software and Magento 2 has a comprehensive dashboard that allows all these. This helps to monitor the current state of your business with the full security.
  • Performances and Speed– When we compare the speed and performance of the Magento 1 and Magento 2 then Magento 2 offers the faster page load speed than Magento 1. The community as well as enterprise edition these are offered by full-page caching Magento.


How to Make a Musical Video Application like Tik-Tok?



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Getting into various mobile applications has now become a trend and hence there are multiple mobile applications being developed to allure users with new filters and unique features. The trend of musical video application is in huge demand. This huge user base was first introduced with the inclusion of musically in the market. But soon after it presented a unique and appealing idea of making fun videos with the overlapping of voice and visuals, it boomed in the market and with each passing day, the user base touches new heights.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is, no rocket science is required to create a musical app like Tik-Tok. But as it is enriched with numerous filters, video effects, you need to put additional efforts as compared to other mobile app development.


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What is Tik-Tok Musical App?

Those who are not familiar with Tik-Tok must know that before 2nd of August 2018, people were addicted to using musically app, but with a big change in the mobile application, it was renamed to Tik-Tok. So, in short, Tik-Tok is an entertainment application which allows you to create your selfie videos added with numerous filters and overlay music. You can upload your creation, share it with your friends and can see an upload of others too. This new concept of entertainment on a mobile phone makes it a popular mobile application and today, Tik-Tok has become a sensation for people of every age group. As per the statistics of June 2018, this musical app witness about 500 million active users.

This musical application has a wide scope, where a user can do X number of things to make something funny and unique. You can create a simple video, can add video filters to it, lip-sync on a popular song/dialogue, sing and even dance on any song. This wide range of entertainment opportunities made Tik-Tok one of the famous musical video applications.

Features Requires to Create Musical App like Tik-Tok:

There are some common features added with essential ones to make a full-fledged music app like Tik-Tok.

Simple Interface: The foremost need for every mobile application is the simple interface that permits the user to do an N number of things and take the full use of its features. The simpler you keep your mobile interface; the easier it will be for the users to stay on the application and use it hassle-free. The interface of Tik-Tok is given a clean and well-adjusted design (interface) that makes it easy to create your profile, upload a video and watch others. Getting more into the design, once you enter the mobile application, you can see the trending video followed by many other videos with maximum HEARTs (a way to appreciate work on Tik-Tok).

Easy Navigation: This is essential for every musical application where you want to retain the user for maximum possible tenure. In Tik-Tok, as soon as you enter the application, you are first welcomed with the most interesting and popular video on the platform. To make your online preference on the mobile application, you are given easy toolkit to login. You can easily login with Facebook, Google or your Email. For the first time users, the app shows you the interesting videos that you can like and follow the creator to get updates on more videos.

Unique Idea to find the Trend: In Tik-Tok, you will find the top trending videos on the top. The concept used to find the trending video is very simple. The more HEARTS you earn for your video, the more it will boost on the musical app Tik-Tok. The concept of hearts works as the currency for every video you upload or like on the platform. The Heart is more like a LIKE button available on the Facebook and FAVOURITE button on twitter. This unique feature makes it interesting for the user to like a video and to share the same on Tik-Tok.

Live Ops: Every mobile application need to be fresh and interesting each time you enter. So, there are various tactics that are used in Tik-Tok to keep it fresh and appealing. There are some challenges which are made by the admin of the app and let the users participate. Such challenges and contests not only help to get huge user-engagement but also add more video data on the platform that makes it relevant and interesting for new users.

Multiple Filters and Editing Tools: When we are talking to create a unique musical app like Tik-Tok, you need to provide as much options to the user as possible. The application is enriched with a wide range of filters to make your video a bit different from a standard shoot. Also, there are countless lip-sync songs, a parody that you can use to create unique video content and share it on your profile.  You can even use the inbuilt video editing tools to alter your video and make it suitable for your profile as well as your followers.

Social Connections: The million dollar question is, what if you want to share the same video on other social media platforms. It’s almost mandatory nowadays to connect all your social links together to make your presence global. On a similar note, you are provided to share the video on various social platforms that you want to.  Along with that, there is a special feature “Duets” that allows you to find the trending hashtag on the Tik-Tok and use it on your video to make it popular and earn traffic.

What are the Technologies Required to Make Musical Video App like Tik-Tok?

The most interesting part of this mobile app is that there are numerous languages being used to create a fully functional musical video application. Below is the list of technologies that you will require to create a musically App like Tik-Tok and showcase it with your users.

  • Streaming Media System
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Cloud Environment
  • Database
  • Universal Operating System
  • For Emails Storage
  • Database Management
  • Payments
  • Phone, Voice & SMS Verification
  • Push Notifications
  • Cloud Storage
  • Content Delivery Networks (CDSs)
  • Video/audio Transcoding
  • Media Server Configuration
  • Player Configuration

tik-tok1 (1)

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How you can earn from Make Musical Video App?

You can opt for different ways to make money and grow your profit from the musical video app.

In-app purchases: There are many in-app features that you can mark as paid and can earn money by allowing the users to purchase those features and use it flawlessly.

Raise Fund: If you are a start-up and have brought a new unique idea in the market, you can reach the investors and do fundraising for your musical application.

Make App Paid: There are many applications that are paid, hence you need to purchase them to make the full use of its features.

Advertise on App: You can even put third-party advertisers on your musical application and get profit from those advertisements.

So, these are some of the features that are necessary to make a musical video app like Tik-Tok. If you want to make your own musical video application, it’s important to consider the points given above along with some new and appealing trait that can make your mobile application distinct from others.


Worldwide iPhone Craze: Worth Applications


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Apple discharges a rundown of the best iPhone application developments. Apple is known for being amazingly particular, and the current year’s rundown contains a blend of everything from accommodating profitability applications to front-line recreations with dazzling illustrations.

The majority of Apple’s best picks in a single clean place for you to take in more about everyone and download your top picks. Apple’s AR encounter is here with IOS 11 and prepares to have your mind blown. You needn’t bother with another iPhone to appreciate this enormous experience.

Indeed, the upheaval of AR thought of iPhone 8 yet you never know, the iPhone in your grasp can likewise be a fit for it. Pre-dispatch of iPhone, the buzz of ARK it and its applications were all around with guarantees to draw out the virtual things into this present reality. A great many people conveyed the conclusion that it is only for the new iPhone that is thoroughly off-base.

All things considered, this component is an aid for the individuals who are extremely picky for their furnishings setting and move them all over to get its ideal look. With new iPhone applications worked with AR bolster, you would now be able to pick the furnishings you like and take a stab at setting it at better places in your home. Insignificant words won’t have the capacity to persuade you in any case, trust me with AR unit, you have an inclination that you are not moving the furnishings from your telephone, it feels like you are doing it is genuine.

New AR Apps are Stunning: We just talked about how simple and stunning furniture change can be with IOS 11. The splendid side of this element is that it very well may be gotten to on iPhone 6S and furthermore on the iPhone 7Plus. Demos are as of now observed on this gadget and they looked very incredible. All things considered, the idea of IOS 11 AR looked so great that even Google was constrained to pursue the comparative methodology with AR Core. Google Tango was additionally put aside with Apple’s AR. It has likely turned into the best AR telephone, anybody can ever get. Back in the date when Apple meeting was held, this is by all accounts a lot. In the present date, this can be considered as the following immense flood of the application improvement.

For what reason is iPhone’s new versions are Better Support to AR?

When you get some information about both these new Apple gadget, the appropriate response is exceptionally straightforward. A11 Bionic chip. It has upsurge designs for keeping up abnormal state preparing need to enable the AR to upheaval appropriate execution alongside enhanced gyro and accelerometer sensors. This will fill in as an expert in impossible to miss camera in addition to movement sensor following.

For a change, the current year’s refresh isn’t only for the recently propelled gadgets. A lot progressively past gadget can approach these amazing highlights and make their iPhone use in a considerably increasingly unimaginable way. iPhone application development advancement should be taken to an altogether unique dimension to make these highlights available. Designers likewise need to concentrate on different highlights like Face ID, new control focus, split screen and some more.

Why Mobile Web Design is so Important Nowadays

The increasing count for mobile users has made it mandatory to bring your entire business on a mobile device. As a result, companies more adhere to the mobile website and mobile applications that give more scope to your business and cover a wide range of customer base. This gives the mobile web design team a big responsibility to ensure your business website is working perfectly on mobile devices, regardless of their size and resolution.

But have you ever through why there is a huge boom in the demand for mobile web design? Below are some interesting facts about the web design that has made it popular.

Quick Customer Reach: In the era, where everyone is having numerous competitors and is looking to find new opportunities to grow their business, it’s really tough to skip any new technology and stay behind your competitors. Alongside, it’s also important to reach your customers with no time delay. Mobile website gives the potential to connect with your customers at any time.

Google is now Mobile First: If you have an in-house marketing team, you might have heard of the term ‘Mobile First’. Google nowadays prefer a mobile platform more than the desktop or tablet. Hence it’s very important to make your website mobile ready and let Google appreciate your work. As soon as your website becomes available for mobile devices at a high speed, it will become easy to draw organic traffic on your website.

Low Time and Cost Investment: As per the analysis made by the team, the time required to create a mobile web design is lower than a desktop web design. Along with that, the time consumption is also high. So, in order to deliver your customers quickly, it’s important to move on the mobile platform. The time and cost save in building mobile web design provide even more opportunities for the customers to use their new website.

Increased Traffic: As mentioned initially, the count of mobile users is increasing with each passing day. Hence it’s now important to acquire the maximum possible audience to promote your products. Mobile phones contribute to about 60 percent of the total telecom gadgets used by the customers. Hence with the mobile web design, there will be considerable growth in the overall traffic of your website.

Seamless User Experience: User interface and User experience are two factors that should also be considered to make your website mobile ready. In comparison to the desktop website, the mobile website is more comfortable to use and track your previous journey. So, using the mobile web design, your entire website is given a new design.

So, if you really want to stand out of the crowd and make your business website look distinct from others, it’s really important to hire a mobile web design team and get all your requirements done from their end. With the mobile web design, you will be able to find the pitfalls and resolve them with no time delay.

List of 5 Useful PHP Tools for Web Development

An integrated development environment (IDE) is software application tool that facilities software developers in developing applications. Normally, an IDE comprises of an editor to write code, a debugger to debug source code for any error and some build automation tools.


Image Courtesy: Appinop Technologies

So here are some useful smart PHP tools:

  1. NetBeans

NetBeans is an integrated development environment (IDE) for Java which runs on different platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, Solaris and MacOS. NetBeans latest version is 9.0 which supports Java 9 and 10.It allows applications to be developed in a modular component called modules. Each module has a well defined function. It has extensions for other languages like JavaScript, HTML5 and PHP.


Some useful features of Net Beans:

  • Cross platform support: NetBeans IDE is compatible with all operating system. It can be installed on any operating system that supports Java, from Windows to Linux to Mac OS X systems. NetBeans is a “Write Once, Run Anywhere” IDE
  • Write Bug free code: NetBeans offers static analysis tool integrated with FindBugs tool for debugging and fixing issues in code. It has several other debugger features such as breakpoints in source code, step through your code, taking snapshots and lots many.
  • Fast and smart Editor: NetBeans is a fast and smart text editor which indents lines, matches words and brackets, highlights source code for any syntax or semantic errors. It also easily refactor code with powerful tools.


2. PHPStorm


JetBrains PHPStorm is a cross-platform IDE for PHP built on JetBrains’ IntelliJ IDEA platform, which is developed in Java. IDE can be extended by plug-ins created by IntelliJ platform or you can even write your own plug-ins.

Some of the features of PHPStorm are listed below:

  • PHPStorm has made the development task easier for web developers by providing features such as a rich code editor for PHP with syntax highlighting, on-the-fly error checking, extended code formatting configuration, and code completion.
  • Feature of Code auto completion helps developers to finish the development task earlier.
  • Feature such as Duplicated Code Detector helps developer to check for duplicate code.
  • PHPStorm has a feature called Code refactoring. It is the process of restructuring existing computer code-without changing its external behaviour to improve code readability and reduced complexity. Thus it helps in maintaining source-code.


3. NuSphere

NuSphere Corporation developed an integrated development environment called PhpED. It is a commercial integrated development environment for PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XHTML, XML, SMARTY and others. It is developed by NuSphere Corporation.

Some of the listed features of PhpED:

  • Working with different external browsers: PhpED can recognise and compatible with any browser installed on your system. Hence PhpED can use any browser which is installed in your computer.
  • SSL connection for remote debugging is now supported: PhpED supports SSL connection for remote debugging which would help developers to easily debug their scripts on the production server using secured connection.

4. Zend Studio

Zend Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) for PHP created by Zend Technologies.

It is integrated with Zend Server, a pre-integrated and tested PHP application stack. This integration helps developers to set up a PHP environment and do Root cause analysis (RCA) of issues in testing or in the production environment.

Features of Zend Studio:

  • Easy Cloud deployment: Developers can easily deploy their PHP application code on these public or private platforms such as Amazon AWS, Red Hat OpenShift, Microsoft Azure and IBM Bluemix.
  • Enhanced Source control integration: It helps developers to work smoothly with SVN, CVS, Git, and GitHub. Developers can easily import their existing repositories into their workspace, and collaborate with other team members.
  • User friendly Code Documentation: The Integrated PHPDocumentor 2 helps in generation of user-friendly documentation.
  • Web API Development: Zend Studio facilitates to create cross platform Mobile Apps by Integrating with Ionic, AngularJS and Apache Cordova. It helps in compiling Apps written in HTML5/CSS/JS for the platform such as Android, iOS, or Windows.
  • Framework Support: Zend Studio supports all the PHP frameworks such as Zend Framework, Laravel, Symfony, and many more.
  • Web server integration: Zend Studio supports all servers whether it’s on premise – Windows, Linux, Mac OS, – or in the cloud, Zend Studio provides seamless integration and hassle free application deployment to all servers including Zend server.


5. Eclipse

Eclipse is one of the popular PHP tools for web developers. It is a cross-platform tool which supports Operating System of Windows, Linux and Mac.

Moreover, this tool facilitates extensibility and takes help of existing web tools to assist developers in delivering PHP Web development services. Some of the features are listed below:


  • Content assist
  • Code formatter
  • Refactoring
  • Code templates
  • Code navigation
  • PHP Debugging (Zend Debugger / Xdebug)
  • PHP Profiling (Zend Debugger / Xdebug)
  • PHPUnit
  • PHP debugging
  • Syntax validation



Closing words

These PHP tools are very helpful for developers during coding. It helps in developing applications much faster, more accurate, efficient and productive. There are various features such as syntax highlighting features, Duplicated Code Detector, Code refactoring and many more which make development workflow much easy and organise. Choosing the right IDE makes a lot difference in development process.


6 Web Development Tips for a Good Landing Page

A landing page is one web page that appears when your customers click on a search engine result. And landing page is named as “lead capture page“, or a “destination page” as well. These pages are used for lead generation. The action that a visitor does on a landing page is what determines conversion rate.

Here are some of the basic tips you should keep in mind while Developing a responsive Website’s landing page that converts leads into customers:


  1. Create a Clear Call to Action: The most important tip for you all is creating a Call to Action in easy way to increase conversion rates. The Call to Action is an action that you want your visitors should do. You can see Call to Action with phrases such as “Click to learn more” or “Sign up”. Make sure your Call to Action is consistent and easy to understand.


  1. Think as a customer: When you are planning to create landing page design and page content, make sure you are thinking like your customers. Are you providing exactly what customers are searching for in search query? If No, then better provide them personalised content on the landing page. Your website is not about you and your organisation. It is more about presenting your product and services in front of audience. You targeted group should resonate with your services.



  1. Create a catchy and meaningful Headline: Headline of landing page must be catchy and appealing; otherwise customers won’t stay on your landing page which results in high bounce rate. Your landing page title should grab the attention of customers.


  1. Create your Design simple yet clear: Simplicity matters a lot. Do not confuse your customers with over fancy designs and visuals. Leave some white spaces on your landing page; make the font appealing but easy to ready. Add some relevant videos and create content in points so that contents are easily readable. Do not let down your customer at any stage of navigation. Provide them with easy to go navigation path.


  1. Mention existing customer’s testimonials: Mention your top customers on your landing page. Show off customer reviews and testimonials on landing page. Make them to read the reviews and know about your offerings. Add some titbit on your landing page that talks about your products and services.


  1. Do proper A/B testing on landing page: Make sure you conduct proper A/B testing while developing a custom website’s landing page. Measuring the performance of landing page and testing different layout and design would help in creating an optimal landing page. Getting customer insights will help in designing a good landing page. Measuring different components of a page such as click-through rates, bounce rates, and more will help you figure out the best layout for your pages.


Final Thoughts:

Poor landing page would make affect your lead count which leads to poor conversion rate. That’s why make sure your landing page is good enough to bring the leads and convert those leads into customers. It helps in increasing brand awareness and creditability.